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Personal Training

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Sage focuses on mobility, postural alignment, strength and stability. She has a friendly and supportive approach that strives to make fitness FUN. 

Meet Sage!

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Sage has been a fitness enthusiast all her life. She grew up in St. John, in the US Virgin Islands, hiking, swimming, windsurfing, wake boarding, practicing yoga, dancing, tumbling, playing tennis, soccer, and running track. 

She quickly learned that cardio was not her strong suit, but it is a necessity so she works hard to find ways to make it enjoyable. She loves working on strength, stability, mobility and finding new, fun ways to challenge herself. 

Sage grew up with postural issues and then while pursuing a BA in Music Theatre, fell and injured her ankle. She spent the next few years in and out of physical therapy. Then in 2014, Sage was in a car accident that left her with whiplash, two pinched nerves in the base of her spine and a twisted pelvis. Physical therapy and Chiropractic sessions helped but she still found herself with chronic pain. 

In 2016, Sage met Travis, owner of 5th Ave Fitness, a boutique personal training studio in Brooklyn. She started doing personal training with him and then got a job as the Marketing Manager. After a few years of group classes, finding confidence in strength training, living predominately pain free and attending the monthly continuing education seminars, Sage was inspired to get certified. 

So in 2020, Sage got certified with NASM. From June 2021  to September 2023 Sage worked as a trainer for 5th Ave Fitness teaching one-on-one sessions, buddy sessions and group fitness classes. She has worked with clients from age 15 to 75 from fitness beginners to competitive athletes

Sage is currently in LA offering virtual sessions. She is studying a Fat Loss specialization and a Metabolic Makeover course with plans to move into Corrective Exercise. She has previously taken workshops in pre-natal/postpartum training, Programming, Hypertrophy, Kettlebells, Calisthenics and more. 

Sage loves working with clients and helping them achieve their goals: whether it's to move more, get stronger, correct postural imbalances, or lose inches, she is here for you!


Her primary passion is helping people move pain free. 

"I started training with Sage after a series of shoulder injuries ended my DI athletic career. I hadn’t exercised in years and was terrified to walk back into the gym, but Sage’s friendly and positive energy proved to be infectious and inspired me to keep showing up. We worked together for two years, during which time I gained not only strength, but a new sense of confidence and peace in my body. 

In session with Sage, you can expect a mix of strength and conditioning, with exercises targeted to address your fitness goals and the freedom to let those goals evolve over time.  Sage is highly attuned to the mood of the day: she shows up prepared, and pays close attention to what’s happening in the moment, ready to give new cues or adapt exercises to find a happy challenge. 

Sage is not what you might expect from a personal trainer: she meets you where you are, and nudges you forward with skill, spirit, and a fair dose of goofiness. Anyone who works with Sage will find both a cheerleader and coach, whole-heartedly and relentlessly in their corner."

- Maggie J

Client at 5th Ave Fitness

"Sage took me through the waning days of a tough shoulder injury, helping me loosen the muscles up, and strengthen my core and back to support them. I can look to the right now in no small part due to her!


She's also a delight to work with: knowledgeable, able to adapt your workout to fit your needs, and a fun, friendly person to be with!" 


- Chapin B 

Client at 5th Ave Fitness



"I have worked with Sage as my personal trainer and have taken her group classes for many years.  She is a great trainer--knowledgeable, meticulous, detail-oriented, and caring.


Plus, she is personable and friendly and always fun to work out with and talk to. I always feel great physically and mentally after working out with her! I have nothing but the highest recommendation for Sage!"

-Sandy T

Client at 5th Ave Fitness

"Before going to Sage, I thought I was very fit, and needed no help in how I was training. Then Sage started training me. I learned that all the exercises I was doing, I was doing incorrectly. Sage took the time to teach me how to correctly posture myself for exercises, until it was second nature to me. After just 5 workouts with her, I already saw and felt the change in my body.


I would have never realized the pains that I was getting from my back and body after exercising were not good pains, if she had not shown me the proper ways to position myself when I workout. Her patience and motivation to help make sure you’re exercising your body correctly has been beyond inspiring to me and my journey.


Now that she has moved away, I will miss the sessions and the chemistry we had during our workouts."

-Ina C

Client at 5th Ave Fitness

"I loved working out with Sage. Between her creative choices, checking in with where I was in my body, asking what I needed and wanted to focus on, our chats and her expertise, our sessions made the, sometimes challenging motivation to move my body, all the easier.


I can't recommend Sage enough, and I miss our sessions, terribly!"


- Victoria B 

Client at 5th Ave Fitness

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