2022 Shows



3 photoshoots with various photographers 



Performed as a singing pianist in a workshop of the new musical Superfantastical 


Starting working as a pianist for Jam with Jamie 


Callback for a supporting character in an new play

4 week acting class with Amy Russ at Matt Newton Studios 


Recorded Hope, the first song in the upcoming EP with musicians at Little Cheddar Studios


Boosted against Covid-19 



Performed a 2 hour solo set of covers and originals at Salty Mongoose in St. John, USVI (In March, July and November)

Headlined the Very Merry Un-Birthday party at the Knitting Factory


Co-directed Under the Moon the music video. An original song by Andrea Green connecting children from St. John School of the Arts to the Kare Afrika orphanage. 




Became a NASM certified personal trainer.


Performed a 30 min songwriting set at The Windmill Bar in St. John.

Had two virtual readings showcasing 4 new original screenplays: 

A Daring Escape, Power Hungry, Timing and Saying Goodnight.


Debuted the My Body music video! 

Released a 3 song EP including My Body, Greed and Jump Ship on all music streaming platforms. 



Filmed the music video for original song My Body. 

Filmed as Mona Lisa (Principal) in a commercial for Visa. 


Filmed as Victim (principal) in S1Ep9 of The Innocence Files for Netflix.

Filmed as Jaco (lead) in the short film Super Nova. 




Performed a 35 minute set as a singer/songwriter at Sidewalk Cafe

Filmed as College Student (supporting) in the satirical ad Bias Blockers

Filmed as Lisa (lead) in the short Addicted.


Directed the children's musical Fabric Fantasia at the St. John School of the Arts.

Filmed as Rose (lead) in the short The Finalist.  


Performed as TV Host (Supporting) in the radio play Make Gotham Great Again

Signed with Dream Maker Talent Management in July. 

Filmed as Nicole (Supporting) in the feature How to Say Goodbye

Filmed as Cinderella (Guest Star) in the Amazon Prime Comedy G2.

Performed as the Wongette MC in the musical comedy Wild Women of Planet Wongo


Performed as Wongette MC for the musical comedy Wild Women of Planet Wongo. (Sept 2016-Apr 2017) 

Filmed as Rachel (lead) in the short A Career for Myself. 

Filmed as The Sound (lead) in the experimental short Trapped

Walked as a dancer/model in the theatrical fashion show Fashion Roars
Wrote/Directed/Starred in the web comedy MisAdventures of the Quarter Life Crisis

Worked as a promotional model/swing for the musical comedy Wild Women of Planet Wongo

Film as Samantha (lead) in the horror feature Hardly Romantic

Sage is an island child. She is originally from St. John in the US Virgin Islands. At 16 she moved to Colorado to live with her older sister, Jessa, and to pursue music. During her last semester of university, she spent 6 months studying abroad in Queensland, Australia and then received her BA in Music Theatre from Colorado Mesa University

She moved to NYC in November 2013. 

Her first TV role was on the re-enactment show Monsters Inside Me. She has performed Off-Broadway with Theatre for the New City, worked with Dave Ogrin on his original musical Wild Women of Planet Wongo (twice) and performed her original music at numerous venues including Sidewalk Cafe, Parkside Lounge, and the Knitting Factory.

Some of her more notable credits include Nicole (supporting) in the award winning feature How to Say Goodbye, Talia (Guest Star) in S2E2 of the web comedy Soon By You and Victim (principal) in the season finale of The Innocence Files (a Netflix Documentary Series).


In addition to acting, Sage is a singer/songwriter, screenwriter and a NASM certified personal trainer. 



Mini Bio


6-8pm on Nov 6

Performing a 2 hour solo set at the Salty Mongoose in St. John, US Virgin Islands. 

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1-2:30pm on Nov 20

Performing a 1 hour set at Lizzie King's Parlor in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

2021 Headlining Shows

2022 Show 


4-6pm on Aug 20

Performing a 2 hour set at Lizzie King's Parlor in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


6-8pm on July 30

Performing a 2 hour solo set at the Salty Mongoose in St. John, US Virgin Islands. 

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