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Film/TV Productions

KVIFF screenshot

Sage as Journalist in the KVIFF Trailer

Soon By You

Sage as Talia in S2E2 of 'Soon By You'

My Body

'My Body' the music video

My Body

'My Body' the music video

My Body

'My Body' the music video

Super Nova

BTS of Sage's portrayal of Jaco in 'Super Nova'

Super Nova

Jaco (lead) in the short film 'Super Nova'

Bias Blockers

Student (principal) in the satirical informercial 'Bias Blockers'

Best Self Co

Best Self Co social media model

The Confrontation

Wife (lead) in the short silent film 'The Confrontation'


Lisa (lead) in the short film 'Addicted'

How to Say Goodbye

Nicole (supporting) in the feature film 'How to Say Goodbye'

Gail's New Boyfriend

Glenda (day player) in the feature 'Gail's New Boyfriend'.

The Finalist

Rose (lead) in the short film 'The Finalist'

Receptionist in Calf Day

Receptionist (supporting) in the comedy sketch 'Calf Day'

MisAdventures of the QLC

Creator of 'MisAdventures of the Quarter Life Crisis'

Hardly Romantic

Sam (lead) in the feature 'Hardly Romantic' (2015)

Monsters Inside Me

Kyrsten (lead) in S5E5 of 'Monsters Inside Me'

Live Productions

Who Murdered Love

Dadette in Who Murdered Love

Who Murdered Love

Dance Captain in Who Murdered Love

Lan of Fashion model

Model/Host for Lan of Fashion

Lan of Fashion Host

Host for Lan of Fashion

Wild Women of Planet Wongo

Wongette MC in the musical comedy 'Wild Women of Planet Wongo'

Manhattan Monologue Grandslam

Manhattan Monologue Slam Finalist

See, Hear, Taste, Touch 2016

Jenny in 'Survival Strategy' with Modern Day Griot Theater

Fashion Roars

Dancer/Model in 'Fashion Roars' NYFW 2016

Host for Lan of Fashion

Host for 'Lan of Fashion' NYFW 2018

JJWs dance collective

Dancer in 'Inner Death Photographed Outward' choreographed by Juson Williams

Wild Women of Planet Wongo

Promotional Model for 'Wild Women of Planet Wongo' 2015-2017

Nicholas Nickleby

Ensemble in the Off-Broadway production of "Nicholas Nickleby: a musical adaptation" at Theater for the New City (2014)

Precious Sons

Bea Small in "Precious Sons" at the Mesa Experimental Theater (2013)

Senior Cabaret Performance

"Another Stop" final showcase for BA in Theatre Arts: concentration Music Theatre from CMU (2013)

Pirates of Penzance

Daughter (Edith U/S) in "Pirates of Penzance" at the Robinson Theater (2013)

Richard III

Duchess of York in 'Richard III' during the Queensland Shakespeare in the Park festival (2012)

Crazy for You

Patsy in "Crazy for You" at the Robinson Theater (2012)

March of the Geishas

Dancer in 'March of the Geishas' Choreographed by Gabriele Cahill (2012)

Life:Unrehearsed the Dress Rehearsal

Soloist in the Vail Cabaret Theater Company's annual benefit concert (2011)

Life:Unrehearsed The Dress Rehearsal

Benefit concert with Vail Cabaret Theater Company (2011)

Girls Night Out

Dancer in 'Girls Night Out' Choreographed by Kaleigh Guseman (2011)

Comedy of Errors

Harem/Luciana U/S in "Comedy of Errors" at the Robinson Theater (2012)


Ensemble/Ado Annie U/S in "Oklahoma!" at the Robinson Theater (2011)

Wake Up Your Soul

Dancer in 'Wake Up Your Soul' choreographed by Sarah Bullock (2012)

Alice in Wonderland

Dormouse in "Alice in Wonderland" at the Robinson Theater (2010)

Fable Factory

Gretel in "Fable Factory" at the Robinson Theater (2010)

Life: Unrehearsed

Life: Unrehearsed benefit concert (2009)

Blood Brothers

Linda in "Blood Brothers" at Wingspan Arts Conservatory in NYC (2008)

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